Let’s go to the Lord

Haniya and mother walking down the toy aisle at the store.

Haniya: Mama! Mama! Dat one!

Mother: Hold your horses Haniya!

Haniya: I don’t wanna hold my horses. I wanna hold my ponies!

If one child consumes my mind so much, how much more if Allah gives me another, or perhaps two others?  I’m sure He will expand my mind if He was to give me so. 

Tonight I will go to Qiyam in hopes that one of God’s angels decends upon me and hears my whispers. To be among His angels …Wow. Qiyam is a purifying and intense experience. Just 4 nights ago I heard a man cry and plead with God in the musallah. My whispers quickly shifted in favor of this man and I asked God to grant him his prayer. While washing my face and hands I saw from the corner of my eye a woman whose ablution made mine look like hill and hers a mountain. She left the sink saying..I want it to be perfect. I knew what she was praying for and I told her I was praying for her son, but that I was sure a mother’s prayer was enough. She corrected me and reminded me that we never know whose supplication Allah accepts and she thanked me.

On the first of the ten days a woman in sajdah beside me let her tears reveal themselves.  I’ve seen her everyday since then praying at the masjid. On the other side of me a Somalian sister prolongs her sajdah way past the congregation’s. I didn’t blame her for breaking the unity. So many supplications, so many things to ask for…to  be thankful for.

Children sleeping in the back peacefully under the echo of the glorious Qur’an make me feel cozy and at home.

There’s something about being in sajdah that sheilds you; heart, soul, and body. All praises to Allah. I hope we bring forth what good habits we’ve attained in Ramadan to the rest of the year and beyond.