easy and small but with Allah stands tall..

One of the things I do on Jum’ah (Friday) is drop some money in the sadaqa (charity) box in the mosque. Impressed? I didn’t think so. Most everyone drops something in the box. Next time, give your donation money to a child and ask him/her to drop it in the donation box for you. Most of them enjoy doing favors associated with money. They feel important and they are. Most of all, they feel good about themselves.

InshaAllah (Godwilling) the child might learn the goodness of this deed and adopt the practice themselves as they age.  In addition, not only do you reap blessings from your Lord, but the child does as well, after all, they had to walk allllll the way to the donation box for you and with every step came the favor of your Lord.

Keep your intentions pure. InshaAllah Khair! Wa salamu’alaykum warahmatullah! (peace be with you)

repost from my college years.