Fake FOod Free!

  Peace to all. Apologies for randomness. It’s late but I had to post this!

If you know me or don’t know me, you know me as Yusef’s wife or as the sister who has an itchy face, is sensitive to the sun, and always on some kind of diet. Since I married and moved to North Carolina, my body was bombarded with a new environment; Pollen, diet changes (I married a butcher, nuff said), had babies, lived on a farm, was stripped from my everyday support network (mom dad and sisters) etc. I developed homesickness, allergies and eczema.  Ultimately I know this small pain is a test from the Al-Mighty, but at the same time God allows things to happen to you so you can change things about yourself and inevitably the people around you and the world on some level. It’s pretty amazing.  For my eczema, several doctors who followed protocol at its best prescribed for me topical steroids. I’ve decided to quit using these steroids cold turkey and my body is now experiencing Topical Steroid Withdrawl (TSW). As a result, my face goes through cycles of red bumbs, blotches, itch sessions, flakeyness, and some days I look, well, normal. But the cycle continues.  So if you see me and I look red, now you know why. For anyone using topical steroids, please be careful. Most of the time, when your body acts up on the outside, it’s because of what you’re putting inside and the government isn’t on your side…Ya understand? Steroids only HIDE the symptom and do nothing for the cure and so you continue to hide your sickness while it brews inside of you.

Movies entertain, so does music, but very few find lectures to inspire and elevate. Unfortunately it is in these lectures and articles that contain vital information about our life here on Earth and for anyone who can sit or read through them, may God make you successful. Here are a couple of these lectures that caused my eyes to open. Believe if you will. When you finally get sick, then you start to believe much easier, and Allah cures when He wants to.



just wanted to say aiight? Payyyce yALL. southside represent!


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