Spiritual Ache in Ramadan

Let’s face it – Ramadan with small children isn’t exactly our cup of spiritual tea. Having little ones spit, spill, and slather all over your prayer rug isn’t soothing at all.  The worst feeling happens at the end of the day when everyone else is praying taraweeh and I’m just now praying ‘Isha. I find myself making bargains with my daughter and they go something like this:

Me: Hani, if you play with Kaya so I can read 2 pages, then I’ll give you ice cream.

Hani: ok ok ok ! deal.

I know all that isn’t neccessary but I’m new to all this (motherhood in Ramadan). At the same time I’m blessed to know that skipping taraweeh to stand in front of the kitchen sink will also help me get to where I want to be. Some take first class, I take coach, but alhumdulilah we end up at the same destination. As mothers we must transition our minds to accept and remember that our duty as mothers is one of the best kinds of worship. We are mothers alone. We often stand in prayer alone and work alone. We don’t have that zesty awesome high that we all use to get when we participated in group worship. Don’t get me wrong, I’m STILL learning and transitioning and often yearn to stand in prayer at the masjid without worrying that baby will let out a loud cry or even a fart that makes me laugh and then I have to start all over again and regret that I messed up someone’s kushoo’.

I have a few methods I started praticing to make me feel like I’m seizing Ramadan with small children. They aren’t glamorous like sitting in the masjid memorizing Qur’an or making dhikr at the beach (summer vacation time), or volunteering at the food bank, just simple…like I said “COACH NOT FIRST CLASS!”

1. Saying SubhanAllah wabihamdi for every toy I pick up. =) We have lots of toys. Oh yea.

2. Teaching Qur’an to my daughter. The best among us are those who learn and teach it.

3. Doing Ramadan crafts at home with kids. As a young child I never really looked forward to Ramadan but I hope to make it different for my kiddies.

4.Laundry dhikr. We have alot of laundry, not to mention socks to pair!

5. 24/7 Dua

6. MOST of all: reminding myself that this kind of worship is one of the most hidden kinds and so it cannot be tainted as long as we make our intention correctly. Our work goes unrecognized except by Allah and Allah is the best witness. Ok maybe our husbands see it, but not always. =)

InshaAllah by the end of this Ramadan my transition will have advanced. Please make dua.

Short and sweet, Salam!