Are you a MOSC?

I’m a MOSC. I’m a mother of small children. I SWS. I scream when stressed. But I CDQ. I cool down quickly. And my children are SDB. No, not silent but deadly. The other way around; super duper blessed.

If you’re ready to be a parent then know that after being human, being a parent makes you the most vulnerable creation on Earth. Parents are all tripolar agents in disguise who are also composters, butchers, and game night players all at the same time. If you’re ready to be a parent, place a half eaten apple, a chicken drumstick, yogurt cup, and a popsicle in random areas of your home and forget about them until you smell or step on something right before you go to bed, preferably 2 weeks later. Don’t leave a cup next to the toilet because everyone knows an open toilet is an oasis for 1 yr olds…to drink from.  And if they poop during bath time, it’s best to scoop the poop out of the bath tub with a disposable cup and pour it straight into the toilet for flushing, then proceed to give your child another bath.

I’m a MOSC. I also SWS, but I CDQ, and I’m SDB to be part of the whole journey of these little servants of God. iA.

Ramadan is coming. I haven’t fasted straight for 3 years now due to pregnancy and nursing. I have made intentions to fast this Ramadan. I’m excited. I’m stoked. I’m scared. What about you? Are you a MOSC or have experience?  Have you got any tips I could use when I fall into weakness? Some dhikr? Please share. Allah is great. Billions of people around the globe are filling the air with excitement, joy, and happiness for a month in which we will obstain from eating, drinking, and for some, sleeping. Only the creator could constitute such irony.

ps. If you know any SMOSC, then know that you have encountered some super amazing people. Single Mothers of Small Children.

Now I must go and end this AOOA. Annoying Overuse Of Abbreviations. SALAM!