Balled up in a Quilt

It’s that time. She conveniently forgets there’s still laundry that needs to be put in the dryer. In her head she knows laundry can always wait patiently with little consequences. Kids are sunk in sleep like almonds embedded in a Godiva chocolate bar. Couch is seven star hotel comfy. Temperature is perfect for a night balled up in a cotton quilt knitted with adorable pastel girly flowers. What does a professional mother do? There are no marriage tips in this post. No. No recipes for success in the office or the kitchen. No. No super hijabi fashion tips. She is seeking universal help. How does she resist this perfect moment to relax with tea and a good chic flick all wrapped up in girly flowers?! HOW!? Sleep is better. Sleep is more honorable. Sleep will help her to get up for Fajr, but the dark chocolate moment of perfection is so hard to resist. Sleep will help her to better mother her kids in the morning.  She keeps repeating this to herself.  She needs a lecture. She needs a scholar to tell me to go to sleep! When was the last time you decided not eat that brownie and was successful?